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Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
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Wild boar


If you want to hunt giant wild boars, then Romania is indeed the country. Hunting is excited, where you can hunt wild boars over 300 kg.

Driven hunt for wild boars is the purest hunting experience there is in Europe. We offer such hunting trips in the best parts of Romania, all being open areas making it possible to acquire great trophies. The possibility to enjoy such a natural hunting experience in the mountainous woods of beech, oak and pine trees is wonderful.

The territories that we have selected for you are far from being over-hunted; only two groups per territory are allowed per year, on surfaces ranging from 10 to 25,000 hectares of open areas! Many areas have never even been hunted upon yet.

Hunted species

Depending on the hunting area it is also possible to shoot wolves, european wild cat or golden jackals.

Hunting areas

We have exclusive rights about our hunting area and we only allow 2 groups per year. For that reason , we can guarantee that almost very hunters will have some encounters with the black beasts in the driven hunts and for high seat hunt the males over 250 kilos are not a story but a real chance for those who wants to have a trophy of a life time.

Price and condition

All our offer for wild boar hunt are tailor made. Please send us an email with your wishes and we will send you an offer ASAP. For trips with fix prices please visit our Special Offers website section.

Starting at 1200 euros

Our pricing includes all services: no surprise

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