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Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
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Brown bear


When you say hunting in Romania, you definitely think about Brown bear hunt. With almost 70% of the total population of the brown bear of Europe, Romania is without doubt THE PLACE where you can hunt a capital bear and also have the experience of a lifetime. Here in Romania the brown bears can even exceed 400 kg. There are three hunting methods: stalking, baiting and with beaters. Each method has his charm. While stalking hunt in the big forest of apple and plum trees can give you the unique imagine of 10-15 brown bear feeding in two legs and trying to reach the top fruits, the chance of a capital bear remains with the baiting method. The fur and the skull are the trophy. It is a fact that the biggest world trophies at fur and skull were from hunting brown bear in Romania. The brown bear fur world record is owned by a trophy of 687.79 points and is from 1983, and the skull world record has 69.47 points and is from 1994.
Also, the most valuable 10 brown bear furs and 5 from the first 10 skulls around the world come from hunting brown bear in Romania.

Hunted Species

There are 2 season for brown bear hunt in Romania. The spring season form 15th of March to 15th of May and the Fall season from 15 September to 31 December.

In the spring season you can hunt brown bear and wolf but in the fall you can hunt brown bear, red stag, chamois, wild boar and wolf.

Hunting Areas

The brown bears can be found in most of the hilly and mountains areas in Romania. We selected 4 different areas, all of them with high concentration of brown bears. All areas are bigger then 30 000 hectars and the number of the brown bears spotted every day by a hunter can range from 4 to 25 males.

Price and condition

Starting at 1200 euros

Our pricing includes all services: no surprise


Included in the price:

  • 3 days and half of hunting (1 guide per hunter)
  • All transport in Romania
  • 4 night’s accommodation (single occupancy) on full board basis excluding drinks
  • Interpreter throughout your stay
  • Romanian hunting license
  • Hunting Third Party Liability insurance
  • First preparation of trophies

Not included:

  • Flights to Romania
  • Trophy fees
  • Rental of the firearm at 35 euros per day if necessary.
  • Cancellation, evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Shipping of trophies to your home address (100 € per trophy if Europe),
  • Drinks, extras and personal expenses

Trophy fees

  • A bear up to 350 CIC points 5500 euros
  • From 350 CIC points up to 400 CIC points 7500 euros
  • Over 400 CIC points 7500 euros plus 80 euros every points over 400. Example: a bear of 430 CIC points will cost 7500 euros plus 30 points, each points 80 euros.
  • 7500+30x80euro=7500+2400=9900 euro
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